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Five-Axis Milling Machine

Shoemaker MFG Solutions Inc. has prioritized consistently delivering the latest cutting-edge technology as a leading provider of precision metal products and services. We focus on precision and innovation, which allows us to cater to various industries, such as aerospace, defense, marine and commercial.

We proudly announce our newest addition: the 2022 FANUC RoboDrill α-D21LiB5ADV. This machine represents the pinnacle of precision engineering, equipped with full five-axis milling capabilities. It is a versatile tool that can be used across various industries, making it an essential addition to any modern workshop.

How Does a Five-Axis Milling Machine Work?

A five-axis milling machine is a computer-controlled tool that simultaneously moves a workpiece in five directions. This ability to drive a workpiece in multiple directions makes it possible to create complex shapes and designs with unparalleled precision. In addition, the machine uses a series of cutting tools mounted on a rotating spindle to remove material from the workpiece.

The workpiece can be rotated and tilted in different directions to give the cutting tool access to multiple faces of the workpiece. The machine is controlled by a computer program that provides precise instructions to the motors and actuators. This allows it to make highly detailed cuts with high repeatability.

Shoemaker’s 2022 FANUC RoboDrill α-D21LiB5ADV

The FANUC RoboDrill is a state-of-the-art machining center that has earned its reputation as one of the most reliable machines in the industry. With a record of exceptional performance and precision, it is a popular choice for manufacturers worldwide.

Here are some of the features and characteristics of our new acquisition:

Speed and Efficiency

Its speed and efficiency are two key features that set the RoboDrill apart from other machining centers. Thanks to its advanced technology and high-performance cutting tools, the machine can complete milling, drilling, and tapping jobs quickly and accurately. Moreover, FANUC RoboDrill α-D21LiB5ADV boasts 10,000 RPM.


In addition to its impressive performance capabilities, the RoboDrill is renowned for its reliability. Every aspect of the machine has been designed with durability and dependability, from the high-quality components to the advanced control systems. This commitment to reliability ensures that equipment can deliver consistent, accurate results over the long term.

User-Friendly Control Panel

The user-friendly control panel of the 2022 FANUC RoboDrill α-D21LiB5ADV is a standout feature that sets it apart from other machines in its class. The interface has been designed to provide operators with a simple and intuitive way to program and control the machine’s movements and cutting operations. The panel also includes helpful tools and features that simplify the machine’s programming.

Other Relevant Acquisitions

Shoemaker has made several key equipment acquisitions that have significantly enhanced our operations. These advanced tools deliver exceptional precision and efficiency, helping us meet the demands of even the most complex and challenging manufacturing projects.

Nikken Five-Axis Indexer

The Nikken Five-Axis Indexer is designed to enable precision measurement of complex and free-form surfaces. It is an advanced system combining a 3D touch probe with a motorized rotary table, enabling high-precision measurement from multiple angles and orientations.

Renishaw RMP400 Part Probe

The Renishaw RMP400 Part Probe is a versatile tool that can be applied in various processes such as milling, turning, and grinding operations. It is a non-contact probe that communicates with the machine control system through radio transmission, delivering speedy information on the part’s location and alignment. It can also achieve precise measurement of intricate part geometries with exceptional accuracy.

RTS Tool Probe With Axis

The RTS Tool Probe is used in CNC machining operations to measure cutting tools’ length, diameter, and offsets rapidly and accurately. By doing so, the machine can account for tool wear and maintain consistent quality in the production process. It can also be employed in vertical and horizontal machining centers and is adaptable to various CNC machines and software systems.

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Power Rolling Machine

Shoemaker is a leading provider of high-quality products and services for various industries, including defense, marine, commercial, and aerospace. With a focus on precision and innovation, we have established a reputation for delivering top-notch metal products and exceptional customer service.

Our company always strives to provide our customers with the most innovative and high-performing equipment. That is why we are thrilled to introduce our latest addition: the MG four-roll plate bending machine. It features unique capabilities and a user-friendly design to revolutionize the metalworking industry.

What Is a Power Rolling Machine?

Also known as a plate rolling or bending machine, a power rolling machine is used to roll metal plates and sheets into various shapes. These include cylinders, cones, and spheres. The equipment consists of rollers powered by an electric motor or hydraulic system. This exerts a force on the metal plate to bend it into the desired shape.

Power rolling machines come in different sizes and designs, from small manual devices used for light-duty work to large industrial machines used for heavy-duty applications. Some machines also have additional features, such as CNC controls, that allow for precise and automated rolling and bending operations.

Additionally, the machines are commonly used in the construction, shipbuilding, and manufacturing industries, requiring metal components with specific dimensions. They are also frequently used to produce pipes, cylinders, tanks, and other elements that need curved or rounded shapes.

Shoemaker’s Four-Roll Plate Bending Machine

The MG four-roll plate bending machine is a versatile and innovative power rolling machine designed to bend metal plates and sheets into various shapes. Its unique design allows the plate to be pinched between the two central-driven rolls. It can also pre-bend the leading edge and roll the part’s body along the trailing edge in one direction and one pass.

Here are some of the advantages of our four-roll plate bending machine:


The bending machine offers unparalleled flexibility in the size and shape of metal parts that can be produced. It can roll sheets up to 4’ wide and 0.205” thick, making it suitable for various industrial applications. In addition, it is equipped with a unique feature that allows for easy changing of top rolls for varying diameters. This ranges from as small as 2.382” to as large as 43.300” in diameter.

Ease of Use and Precision

The four-roll bending equipment is easy to use and operate due to its user-friendly design. It has a CNC control system that enables precise and automated bending operations. Moreover, the machine’s constant clamping of the bottom and top rolls ensures the plate remains square and does not slip during rolling and pre-bending. This results in high-quality and accurate metal components.


The machine can reduce pre-bending time, resulting in a precise and fast production process. This makes it an ideal solution for those who need to produce large quantities of metal parts quickly and efficiently. With the four-roll plate bending machine, it is possible to meet tight production schedules and promptly deliver high-quality products to customers.

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