Boeing Hydraulic Telescoping Equipment Jack Part# 930002

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Shoemaker Mfg Solutions provides an extensive range of products and services to cater to the growing demand in the various industries it serves. Aside from defense work, marine, and commercial industries, Shoemaker also delivers top-notch metal products and outstanding services for aerospace applications.

The Boeing Hydraulic Telescoping Equipment Jack Part 930002 is primarily used in airports and other similar facilities to work on airplanes and other aircraft repairs. With our excellent capabilities, this Boeing Hydraulic Telescoping Equipment Jack Part 930002 is readily available at Shoemaker Mfg Solutions. We also offer 930002 replacement parts, rebuild kits, and replacement parts.

The Usage of part# 930002: The jacking equipment is used to install/Remove Airplane Components in Applications where the assistance of a Hydraulic Jack is required. Use Adapters as needed where a controlled interface with the Jack is required.

Hydraulic Telescoping Lift

The Boeing Hydraulic Telescoping Equipment Jack Part 930002 we supply at Shoemaker Mfg Solutions is manufactured in the United States through Boeing Manufacturing. It is typically used to lift, move, and position heavy loads with a maximum capacity of 2000 lbs. @ 10 degrees and 3000 lbs. @ 0 degrees. Its base width and length are 62” by 48”, with a lowered height of 47.5” and an extended height of 84”.

As a result, this lift is ideal for carrying and supporting heavy items during aircraft repairs. It also has Swivel/Rigid Casters– 8” 5000 lbs. urethane (with swivel lock) wheels for excellent mobility and safety. Finally, 930002 lift’s pumps have fast and slow mode, constituting 0.5” to 0.1” strokes respectively.

Basic Components

Although there are numerous variations of lift tables, like the 930002 lift used in the aerospace industry, they all utilize similar components to function:

  • A hydraulic cylinder holding a piston.
  • A reservoir for an oil repository
  • A pump for rendering fluid energy
  • A hand pump for inducing mechanical power no added power source needed.
  • Valves for controlling fluid flow.

Interacting Systems

When lifting an object, the hydraulic lift’s pump pushes incompressible oil from the oil reservoir toward the cylinder. This power pushes the piston upward, which provides the necessary force to raise the lift. Once the preferred height is achieved, the pump will be switched off, and the trapped oil in the cylinder holds the lift. Finally, the pump will have to be turned on to return the lift to its original position.

Hydraulic lifts function using the following interacting systems:

  • Circuits: manipulates the flow and pressure of the oil or liquids inside the reservoir
  • Pumps: converts mechanical energy to hydraulic energy that forces the liquid to move upward
  • Hand Pump : transforms hydraulic energy into torque and rotation
  • Cylinder: converts hydraulic energy to force and generates pressure in the fluid
  • Piston: thrusts upward in reaction to fluid pressure and is located inside the cylinder
  • Fluid: allows power to be transferred in the system (glycol ether, organophosphate ester, polyalphaolefin, propylene glycol, or silicone oil)

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